- Electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles
- 15 years in business internationally
- Work with over 40 EV manufacturers
- 52 electronic buses implemented
- Have $200,000,000 vehicle financing

You will find a great deal of information regarding our company and most of all our product knowledge accumulated over the last fifteen years. At Synergy Electronic Vehicles we care for the environment, fuel costs, but, also getting the job done.

It is our intent, through this website, to help educate interested parties about electric, hybrid and fuel cell autos, trucks, buses, industrial, and patrol-oriented electronic vehicles.

But, we feed our families by working professionally with fleets, cities, transit authorities, government agencies, airports, universities, law enforcement and parks. We will only be able to respond to officials of these industries who are seriously interested in implementing such programs but, we will try to pass on other interests to the appropriate companies.





Last Update:
July 22nd, 2007